The Lost Satellites

A collection of four beautiful electronic songs, forgotten spaceships once isolated in their orbits, now rescued and carefully taken care of.

Pixel Music’s ‘Unsubstance’ is an immersive deep techno anthem, full on strings and melody in the best tradition of Detroit Techno, while Louis Haiman‘s 'Ghosts of Gratiot' is a shiny, floating track with a moving sense of purity. On B side, passEnger & xluve deliver ‘Out Of Order’, a moody, contemporary digital ‘opera’ built around a spacey analog synth line, while Inigo Kennedy closes the release with 'Spaces Between', an epic, slowly building melancholic track.

These tracks are our own satellites, our lovely, solitary conveyors of communication and emotions, in perpetual motion.

a1 - Pixel Music - Unsubstance
a2 - Louis Haiman - Ghosts of Gratiot
b1 - passEnger & xluve - Out of Order / Prayer
b2 - Inigo Kennedy - Spaces Between (wider version)

Out on March 20th as 12” limited colored vinyl disc or standard black edition and digital download.

The Lost Satellites - Icon of Desire 002 Front - Vinyl 12" The Lost Satellites - Icon of Desire 002 Rear - Vinyl 12" The Lost Satellites - Icon of Desire 002 Etching - Vinyl 12" The Lost Satellites - Icon of Desire 002 Etching - Vinyl 12" The Lost Satellites - Icon of Desire 002 Etching - Vinyl 12"

Distat enim quae sidera te excipiant.

Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis


Icon of Desire

"Introducing Icon Of Desire" features four intimate electronic songs we jealously kept for years, before sharing them with the world.

Advanced-electro hermana Annie Hall delivers an introspective electroid track that sets the mood for the departure, both sonically and metaphorically; Italian eclectic artist passEnger takes the record on a different mood, chasing hopeful and melodic shores, while still remaining earthly. The second side switches dimensional planes and travels far away with the spacey, two-parts trip orchestrated by the fine techno sculptor Louis Haiman. The journey ends with an uplifting, shiny electro gem by the enigmatic Furthr.

y1. Annie Hall – Empty
y2. passEnger – Frustration Device
λ1. Louis Haiman – Compassion (part I & part II)
λ2. Furthr – Fountain

Available as 12”, 180g limited edition vinyl disc and digital download.

Gravity assist ring reached.
Entering Silent Belt.

Unknown astronaut